Game tonight only on Apple TV

How to watch for free:

And Hunter Pence is doing color…


Pretty ridiculous that you can’t record/pause/rewind the game.

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Apple TV sucks donkey balls

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I was pleased with the result.

The only thing good about that broadcast was the game. I had the sound muted after the first inning. That woman never shut up, and it was all inane.

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Someone at Apple actually said, “Let’s broadcast a live baseball game but instead of play by play, let’s have two dudes and a chick in the booth. They will occasionally acknowledge there is a game on but will ramble on almost entirely about themselves in incoherent streams of consciousness.”

Man, I’m so out of touch.

I think a bigger question is why Friday night?

It’s extremely rare for MLB teams to have Friday off.

So every fan whose team isn’t playing on Apple TV is likely watching their team on their usual platform.

Monday night would seem to be a better choice if you want to draw eyeballs to your stream. Which is only acceptable outside the men’s room.

It felt like Pence was trying to be a solid analyst… I’d like to hear him paired with a more traditional PBP guy.

Katie Nolan was an unmitigated disaster.


Which is odd, because she’s done really good work hosting TV and podcasts.

ESPN put Roy Firestone in the booth as a 3rd wheel commentator/philosopher, later Tone Kornheiser, MNF tried Dennis Miller.

All had earned their stripes doing other things. All were ducks out of water on a live game.

Put people in a position to succeed. That usually starts with picking people that have an aptitude for the task at hand.


Does she have any booth experience? Hosting a semi-scripted 1-hour TV show is a much different animal than a 3+ hour live sporting event with a lot of time to fill.

No, and I’m sure that’s one of the issues. Treating the season opener as beta testing is another.

When was Firestone in the booth? Who was he with?

It really sounded to me like they were told to, “just act like you’re sitting around watching the game with your friends.”

That’s pretty much any night in the GameZone. Profanity included!

Firestone was the color man for the first season of Sunday Night Football on ESPN, when it was still the bottom of the national games. He was paired with Mike Patrick on PBP, and each week featured a “guest” third wheel commentator. He only lasted that first season, as they ditched the three-legged monster, and brought in Joe Theismann as the color man and went to the more traditional two-man team.

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A timely reminder that another one of these stupid broadcasts is tomorrow night…