Fish-Slingers at Astros 28 July, '22

Altuve GO
Yuli GO
Yordan double
Alex HR
Tuck FO

2-0 Astros after 1.0

Urquidy gets the first four guys out, then Crawford doubles in the top of the 2nd.


Nice job to strand the runner.

Urquidy Ks the next two guy.

Astros 2-0 after 1.5

I’m only doing bare-bones PBP. Virtually anyone can do better, so step right up if the spirit takes you!

I think three threads are a record!

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Chas approached the plate stoically, stalking it as though he knew not what fate awaited him. He observed that the pitcher threw with his right hand. There would be no feasting on southpaws today. Thrice Chas swung to no avail, and the second out went into history.


The man they called “Jake” strode with a confidence not warranted by his performance as of late. Perhaps he compensated for concerns regarding his continued employment. This night did nothing to assuage those concerns. While he took more swings than his compatriot, he too suffered the indignity of swinging at air for the dreaded third strike.

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If you can keep this up for 9 innings I’ll buy you a drink.

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The narrator lamented that in this establishment, though the television screens displayed the great game of baseball in many forms, most seemed focused on the man sometimes called “The Captain”, or “Jeets” in the more guttural parlance, while nary a screen showed his beloved hometown team, and he endeavored to follow via electronic device.

Jose Urquidy pondered his assortment of pitches. What would prove successful in retiring this man Frazier? Alas. He chose poorly, and his opponent lined into right field to reach first base.

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Dammit Jose! Are Urquidding me!

Urquidy seemed slightly perturbed by the success of Frazier. His wits failed him and he struggled to guide the ball with his customary control, causing the umpire to signal “ball” on four occasions.

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Dammit Urquidy

Well. This is not good.

Urquidy momentarily seemed to gain his head, casting a strike with the first pitch, but then lost his wits again. Four more times the umpire cried “ball” and the bases were thus loaded, causing a visit from his superior officer to settle his nerves.

The dreaded notice came:

“In play, run(s)”

This man France has sacrificed himself, via fly, in his team’s cause. The other runners did advance, but the Mariners still trailed by a run.

Sac fly rbi AND the runner on first advanced.

I thought he hit it even better than that so I guess beggars/choosers.

An aside:

The tune “Landslide”, as performed by the group styling themselves “Chicks”, is an affront to the ears.