Fish-Slingers at Astros 28 July, '22

More completely self inflicted bullshit from a starter.

People are running pretty hard on Meyers now. Between the delay his chicken hop causes and the looping throws, nobody seems very intimidated.

While Urquidy proved successful at Inducing a ground ball to the man called Santana, the runner on third base did proceed home, tying the ball game.

A man styling himself “Eugenio” then did strike the ball on the ground to the purveyor of salsas, and the inning concluded with a tie at 2 the result.

The screen displaying the “MLB network” deigned to show a clip of the sacrifice fly in question, and the narrator deemed it of sufficient depth that the runners advance to second base was warranted.

Attaboy Jose

The batter of small stature strode in and delivered the ball to left field, the slightest of chalk dispersed after the ball struck ground and then proceeded into the spectators. Mr. Altuve received the award of second base. Mr. Gurriel then proceeded to strike a bouncing ball that advanced Mr. Altuve to second base with two outs recorded.


Bregman right at em.

The gunslinger towered over the catcher. He wore twin fours upon his back. He knew his responsibility to deliver Altuve homeward. The pitcher Gilbert, similarly aware, delivered four balls among his five pitches to allow the gunslinger to proceed to first base.

The salsa purveyor assumed his place. This Gilbert, while knowing the salsa man’s success, did induce a mighty swing that delivered the ball on the ground, and the inning concluded with no runs.

My food is almost here. The spirit departs.

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K.T.: G.O.
J.P.: K
C.M.: 1B, E2
J.M.: F.O.

2-2 @ 4.0

Jake almost had a 2 out rbi.

And LFer almost misplayed it as it died on him.

First row dummies had no idea Tucker was there.

Tucker leisurely strolls over to make a homerun robbing catch.

8: F.O.
9: F.O.
1: K

2-2 @ 4.5

That was ball 5 Jose.

Yordan popped up a FB in his wheelhouse.

M.M.: F.O.
J.A.: K (on ball 7)
Y.G.: 1B
Y.A.: P.O.

2-2 @ 5.0

France gave up.