Fantasy football

I hope I’m not overlooking a pre-existing topic, but if there is one it wasn’t obvious to me…

Anyway, MarkR is kicking my ass by 60 points today (it was a good day to have Brees), and based on the way everybody was bunched up at 8-5-0, I think the loss is going to slide me from 1st to 5th and out of the playoffs. Ouch!

I was looking at it this morning and saw we were going to have a 5 way tie for 1st. The tie breaker in the league settings is: “Best regular season record against opponent wins.” I have no idea how this will work in a 5 team tie.

There would only be a tie, if teams had the same amount of points. It’s you record, then your points scored.

It does appear that way. I thought I was toast, but if I can scratch out 5 points tonight, looks like I’d end up in 4th.

I agonized over starting Sanders this week. That ended up being a nice last second decision too.

No shit. What was that, 66 points out of two guys?

68… And the other two I was pondering over were worth less than 3 each.

Total points is the tiebreaker Yahoo uses when teams are tied at the end of the regular season. I have no power to adjust it. Our playoff tiebreaker is h2h between you and your opponent, btw. The second tiebreaker is seeding (better seed advances).

Also, if any of the playoff participants besides Mark (he has already paid) would like to send their $30 to be eligible for payouts at the end of the season, you can send them to via paypal.

Sent (This new forum is discriminatory against 4 letter words. Apparently a post has to be 6 letters)

Got it. Thanks.

FYI, I don’t remember what the minimum post length used to be, but I’ve reduced it to three. Six was the default.


Yep - that works.

My number one overall pick scored 78.13 points for the year, ranking him 145th.

Easily my worst fantasy team ever.

Sent. I intended to send this months ago, so appreciate the second chance.

Frankly, I’m impressed.

Got it, and you’re welcome.

I got Lamar Jackson in the 9th round of the draft after taking Cam Newton in the 5th. Luckiest draft ever.

My number one pick, David JOHNSON is 132, my 2nd pick J Mixon 67. I have no idea how I made the playoffs.

This year was my worst finish but not by much.