Fan Cutouts

My mother in law paid for me to get a cutout for my birthday, and I can see myself in the Crawford Boxes! Hoping to “catch” an Astros home run this season…anyone else get one?

The Chronicle gave me a shout-out too


Wow, they’re getting a good response.

The way Astros’ luck and PR has been going, the first homer will probably nail that cutout of the toddler.


I wonder if the nets will be used this year or if they’ll blow up some cutouts.

I got one. You get the cutout and a ring at the end of the season. The cutout could get damaged due to the roof being open.

Do we? I didn’t see anything confirming that, but it would be sweet.

No social distancing. I wonder if you can get Covid-by-proxy?

My wife is wanting to get me one for my birthday next week. I’m debating. Perhaps I should get an OWA one…

Goog idea. Maybe we should take a collection for an OWA cutout.

Fox gonna Fox.

Your cutout will be authenticated as game-used by Major League Baseball. At the end of the season, you will be able to pick up your cutout and a complimentary 2019 American League Championship Series Replica Ring for each cutout purchased.

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Perhaps I can then auction off this authentic game-used cutout of me. Surely it will bring top dollar.

I can’t believe a Fox TV station is presenting an alternate reality to millions of viewers.

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The very epitome of a collectors item. It’s the only one of its kind.

They broke the camera after my picture…

BG sees it as a life-size dart board.

Dartboard, target practice, romantic fantasies…I’m sure everyone would find it useful in some fashion.

I’d rather have voodoo dolls. The “She throws like a girl” is in reference to me. I can’t throw worth a crap. I’d damage everything but the dart board.

I’m wondering if I can send in a picture with a beer and a cigar…sort of my natural game-watching state

I was worried about that too, so I didn’t…but the guy next to me has a bud light