Ex Astros News 2024

Yuli to Atlanta on a minor league deal.

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Ronny Garcia passed away at 24- I don’t really remember him but the team put out a tweet.

He was a minor leaguer who was released last year. He had recently signed to play Indy ball. https://x.com/woodpeckersnc/status/1781706751512850501?s=46&t=upnJSWvKCTulUIbTfaL0yg

Yep, Colin McHugh is a good human - long twitter thread -
McHugh is also now doing pre game on Braves TV


In other news, Josh James was apparently in the Cardinals organization.

Too bad things haven’t worked out for him. As frustrating as his performance was here, I remember a story about the locker room after game 7 in 2019. He was walking around giving hugs and handshakes to his teammates because he knew that squad would not be together again.

Stark contrast to a certain starting pitcher on the same team.


Fifteen walks in less than eight innings will do that to ya. It’s a shame things haven’t worked out for him. Very talented pitcher.

James is one of those amazing draft stories that tended to happen during the rebuild. He was a 34th round pick - scouted by Jim Stephenson.

From 2007 ( the year after draft and follow ended) to 2019 (last year they drafted more than 20 rounds),only 7 pitchers drafted in the 34th round made it to the majors. The only one more successful than Josh James is Seth Lugo. The Astros accounted for two of the seven pitchers Josh James and Jordan Jankowski.

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Good luck to Corey. Seems like a good guy and from Sugarland. I remember his dad being at games in which he was playing. Glad they have that.