Ex-Astros News 2020

Forget Larry Anderson; Brady Aiken for Bregman might be the biggest steal in Astros, maybe MLB history.

Indians GM: "He took some time away from the game. And I’m not sure we know he’s going to come back next spring.”

(I guess he was never technically an Astro, but seems close enough…)

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B/W AIken and Appel. Talk about two massive whiffs by the front office. Thankfully they were able to dodge the Aiken bullet and get a replacement pick.

I would not call either a whiff. Appel was widely regarded a cannot miss, and the Astros (and everyone else) thought that was a good and safe pick.

Aiken was damaged goods, as later events proved, and no one suspected he was until the Astros’ medical staff discovered it. Aiken denied being a risk until his arm blew out early in his first game.

Exactly. Obviously they didn’t work out but 29 other teams would have taken Appel there. Aiken by many if not most. This is probably another reason Luhnow is disliked around the league. He had the audacity to check out Aiken’s X-rays if I remember the scenario correctly.

It’s the other way around. There was a little debate between Appel and Bryant. There were a few teams that would have gone with Bryant. Aiken was The #1 after Carlos Rondon’s college year didn’t hit all the high notes. Aiken actually had TJS in the March following his being drafted. The ligament tore in his first start at IMG. The Indians drafted him as damaged goods. Imagine how different things would be if he’d gone to UCLA instead.

You’re right…thanks for straightening me out.

Did we just let Miley go? Did we try to bring him back? I hope someone knows WTH our pitching rotation will be after JV and Greinke.

He didn’t finish strong but that contract seems like a bargain.

that’s an understatement.

You know there’s two more months of offseason, right?

Well, let’s see. I never learned to read a calendar. Thanks so much.

Dodgers signed Reymin Guduan to a Minor League Deal. So the Dodgers take a chance on a guy who assaulted a teammate in the clubhouse with a bat.

Jason Castro to the Angels.

And Chirinos back to Arlington for a year with club option for another.


Just doesn’t appear the Astros were interested in signing him again. Don’t understand although they have really gone into a no-spend shell. I know they are up against their self-imposed cap but it seems this investigation has a real role in their parsimonious ways.

And that is another thing (sorry wrong tread to continue my rant),
but why is it taking so long for this penalty to be applied? Maybe to hamstring the Astros in the off-season…errrr!


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Good for Tony. He seems like a good fit there. Definitely an AL kind of guy.