Electric Vehicles

A famous quote from a college friend: “Think of how much I’ll save! I can’t afford NOT to!”

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“I drink and I save things”

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The CyberTruck doesn’t look fit for purpose.


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Elon’s just tweeting through it.

For the record, co-signing “Hitler was right” was what finally got me off my ass to delete my account(s).

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That can’t be true, right?

How does an internet billionaire lack a team of internet people to keep said internet billionaire from making an ass of himself on the internet?

I figure he just lives in his incel, right-wing bubble and doesn’t realize how stupid and repulsive he is.

Btw, glad to read that MM took an individual action. All those actions add up.

He fired them all.

This is the same guy who got stoned on an earnings call, so you shouldn’t really be surprised.

Being an ass on the internet is what made him a billionaire.

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That, and Daddy’s blood emeralds.


[quote=“JBM, post:1609, topic:1314”]I
figure he just lives in his incel, right-wing bubble and doesn’t realize how stupid and repulsive he is.
the perfect description of every Republican male, regardless of age.
No idea why the html isn’t working on this post

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Elon is watching

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…his shit blow up.

“Likely self-destructed”? They don’t know?

It became self aware that it worked for Elon.

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Dig in a little more beyond the salacious headline. In the moments after such an event, it can take a few to figure out if the rocket exploded or self detonated. Those two things are quite different. In this case, it self detonated, which is a design feature. For these initial exploratory test launches, there are goals, and then there are stretch goals. All of the goals for this were accomplished. So much so that the NASA Administrator called SpaceX to congratulate them. That would not happen if this was a failure in any way whatsoever. Elon is a dork, for sure, but nothing about this launch highlights his dorkiness.


Of, course it does. It’s a Tesla. :wink:

This time they used a proper launch pad and had a very good launch.

NASA can’t go through this sort of fast, iterative process of development. Rockets with “NASA” painted on them regularly blowing up on TV doesn’t play well in Congress.

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True. But NASA would’ve used a proper launchpad in the first place.

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SMEF: Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure.

Finally got my shit together and followed the likes of Disney, Paramount, NBC, Comcast, Lionsgate and Warner Bros. in abandoning Xitter.

Embarrassing that it took so long really, but the choices of “For You” - being an endless shit-show of Nazi propaganda - or “Following” - which was me, a lot of hilariously-inappropriate ads and the occasional tumbleweed - haven’t been worth the cost to my soul in a long time.