Easter baseball!

I caught one guy yelling “cheater” at Alvarez, who was in A-ball in '17

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From what I could tell, it was mostly the same guy, or a few guys that sounded exactly the same. Didn’t sound like he was even really watching the game, just spending all his time yelling lame “cheater” accusations.

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Was at a TOR/PHI spring training game and ONE guy gave Springer the “cheater” business the enitre game. He went 2 for 3.

Tucker, explodes his bat, new bat doesn’t help him, strikes out swinging

Bregman, k’s looking

Alvarez, lets see if he can put one in play, HH might say Manaea is being a human rain delay, full count, walks

1st and 2nd, 2 gone, meeting at the mound.

Yuli flies to center, Canha has it, no he doesn’t its off the wall for a double, Altuve scores, Alvarez scores it’s 5-1

Correa, strikes out on 3 pitches, Carlos is just waving a wet noodle right now

Tucker had a really good at bat until he swung at a horrible pitch for strike 3.

Totally worthless at the plate right now. Looks like zero threat.

Just like the regular season last year.

You’re right it was a pretty good ab I was trying to set up a Yordan brings the thunder joke but then he walked

He had a couple of nice swings yesterday, so I was hopeful that was a sign of things to come. Though to be fair, he’s struggled against Manaea his whole career.

Making lamb chops and roasted asparagus. Yum!!

So…does Jose Urquidy have to shave three time a day?

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And a new razor each time.

Bot 3

Olson, grounds out to short

Lowrie, full count, goes down swinging

Moreland, down swinging

5-1 Astros after 3

Family fed, post dinner nap, I’m ready for baseball.

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Susan is working on Moroccan lamb stew. Fantastic aromas filling the house.


I napped through the third inning.

I love lamb.

This just in Myles: You have actually touch the base, not the fielder’s foot. Maybe just a TOUCH of field awareness next time?

Top 4

Straw, full count, walks, good AB from Straw again

Castro, flies out to left

Mccormick, Straw thrown out trying to take 2nd, chops out to 3rd

Still 5-1 Astros

Bot 4

Chapman, full count, walks

Piscotty, flies out to center

Tom, full count, down swinging

Andrus, flies out to right

5-1 after 4