Easter baseball!

Astros score 1 on a Tucker HR

1-0 Astros heading bot 1

Urquidy on the mound

Cahna first up 2B off the leftcenter wall

Olson up, Canha takes 3rd on wild pitch, full count, pops out to shallow rightcenter, runner stays, 1 out

Lowrie doubles into left corner, run scores, 1-1

For fuck’s sake, Straw. If you’re going to crash in to Altuve at least have the decency to catch him.

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Moreland now, walks, 1st and 2nd, 1 out, Strom out to visit

Chapman, flares a single into center, bit of a collision between Staw and Altuve, think Jose is ok

Bases now drunk with Aholes

Piscotty replacing Pinder after Pinder ran into the wall to make a catch in the top of the inning.
Strikes out swinging! 2 gone bases still loaded

Tom, grounds out to 2nd

1-1 after 1

Man, Correa has taken some feeble fucking swings to start the season.


Top 2

Yuli leads off, dribbles one toward first, 3-1

Correa, chopper up the middle into the shift, 4-3

Straw, full count, walks

Castro making his return, 2 run oppo shot! Welcome back Jason!

Castro thumped that ball.

Mccormick, down swinging

3-1 Astros after 1½

Yeah that was well done, assist to Straw for battling and getting the walk


Bot 2

Andrus, pops up being the plate, 1 out

Garcia, pops up near first, 2 out

Canha, grounds out to 3rd

3-1 Astros after 2

Nice 123 inning for Urquidy there

Where is everybody? Stop spending time with family, the Astros are on!

I didn’t post it yesterday because I got distracted, but I was streaming the radio broadcast while waiting to get my vaccine, and the absolute pathetic A’s fans at the game who were trying to heckle the Astros while watching their team get absolutely pummeled was fucking delightful.

I heard someone on the field mic act4ually yell “I don’t care if you beat us by 20, you still cheaaaaaaaaaaated.”

Get a fucking life, you dork.

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What am I, chopped liver?

Top 3

Altuve, doubles down into the left field corner

Bruised liver, maybe…

Glad to have you back, Jose.