Dodgers @ Astros, May 26, 2021

Don’t expect things to get better tonight.

I and my liver are prepared. I watched ~6 innings of last night sober. Not today.


Garcia gets through the T1 unharmed, no thanks to idiot fan.

Best thing I can say about that play was he didn’t let the Dodger fan catch it.


Leadoff home run.

Suck it, Bauer!!

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Nice AB from Bregman.

Another patient AB.

2 on for Yuli.

2-2 count, Bauer hasn’t hit the zone yet.

Watch Bauer’s right knee. He balks every pitch from the stretch.

Slurp shit, bauer.

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He twitches it, doesn’t he?

More than a twitch, IMO

Bauer has thrown like the last 8 pitches out of the zone, after walking two, and hitters are in full hack mode.

Another walk loads he bases…two out

Juiced for Jones…

Big spot for Jones.

Not a strike, blue.

And he gets jobbed on the first pitch

Man, that was the pitch.