Commies at Astros, 6/17/23

Peña throes away a routine grounder and Bielak follows with a gopher ball.

2-0 Reds, top 1 ongoing

De La Cruz singles, Peña then bobbles a perfect DP ball, E6 again, all hands safe

What the hell is wrong with Peña?

Is that 5 errors in 2 weeks

Bielak gets Senzel to ground out with the bases loaded to end the inning

Julks is leading off.


Any time you get the opportunity to bat a slumping rookie with a .278 OBP in the leadoff sport you surely have to take it.

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Filming too many Taqueria Arandas commercials.

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Julks pops to first on 0-1
Altuve singles through the right side
Altuve then steals second
Tucker and Bregman each fly out to end the inning.

It’s a runner to second base! Progress!!

Bielak gets a tidy 1-2-3 inning

Folks, please go buy mattresses so Mack will stop yelling about living in the tower.


What tower? Curiosity.

Peña with a two out single to RCF then steals second. Apparently you can run on a guy throwing 100.
Meyers then pops to RF, inning over

The tower at Gallery Furniture

I hope no one buys his overpriced mattresses and he has to stay up there for ever. Hahahahaha!


India flies to deep RF
Kessinger and Bielak nearly collide on a 3u

Have to jump away

I remember being on bus at time an employee burned place down. Had to exit freeway. Never no what you might see.

Tower of Babble

No problem with mack. Remember when he worked out of car. Don’t have to like him, but can respect him. Never been to his stores. I don’t gamble, so not buying on a chance to win. My bed is fine.

Nice effort by Jake but to no avail

Geesh! Just going outside to get mail rough!