Commies at Astros, 6/17/23

Turns into a triple, turns into a squeeze play run.

I hope they are going to use the good bats this half inning.

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Apparently not.

Very, very no

We have good bats?

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I think Mack may have hidden them under his mattress up on the tower.

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Just saw commercial for shoes from our old outfielder. Martinez who exploded later. You make good and bad roster decisions. No one knows what the future may hold for a player.

Maton threw the same pitch 3 times.

Same fucking curve.

Same fucking location.

Same fucking result.

Don’t like mattress Mack? Done a lot for Houston. Good man. IMHO.

I don’t want the Astros to be shitty again.

It’s not trending in the right direction, unfortunately.

I may need to begin my therapeutic drinking a bit earlier today…

It just boggles the mind.

The first one is dotted.
The second he is just outside and lays off.

You’ve just given a big leaguer 2 looks at the same pitch in the same spot.

So of course you dare him to hit it.

Didn’t even have to hit it hard since he had the timing.

And it’s a good thing we made Bielak get 5 outs in the first, Jeremy.

That didn’t come back to bite us.

JFC bad baseball is frustrating.

And Dusty, I think you get undeserved criticism, but Bielak was cooked.

Maybe it was an unintentional intentional walk but I don’t think so.

It takes a village to continue to fuck things up.

Boy. Heat wave going to cost a fortune. Could turn AC off usually do. But way to hot.

Could you get back to posting frontier gibberish once every few days, please?

We get it, you’re an old white guy that thinks Reaganomics is the bees knees.

Sorry. No mean to offend. Just stating opinion on nature.

This team squanders more opportunities…

Bregman could not lay off the high heat all game.

100 mph doesn’t give much time for discernment.