College Football 2022

U of Pitt wide receiver and Biletnikoff award winner Jordan Addison is considering transferring with the rumor being that USC is offering him in excess of $2MM in NIL cash.

Maybe I’m completely wrong, but I do wonder how long this can last? Are donors/boosters going to keep doing this year in and year out? I mean, this isn’t like donating to the school and getting your name on a building.

Ought to be blatantly illegal during recruitment, especially if the schools are involved in the offer.


I’m sure there’s an entire underground network that can make the info known without the schools being involved at all.

I do not there is much effort in keeping it secret. UT today lost a transfer to Nebraska because of NIL.

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Saban was not wrong when he recently called it “rich schools buying players”. And nobody begrudges the players for getting paid.


I don’t think schools are involved in this really at all. This is all driven by the BMDs and coaches.

Coaches are the schools.

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Lincoln Riley is being accused of tampering in the Addison case which I’m sure the administration did not approve of or probably even know about. The schools do not provide the NIL deal or the money. If a cop gets a busted for drunk driving when not on duty, is city the at fault?

The coaches are the agents of the schools, and the schools bear responsibility for coaches’ illegal recruiting.


Highly entertaining pissing contest between Jimbo and Saban over NIL (and other things)…

Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher responds to ‘narcissist’ Nick Saban: ‘We’re done’ Texas A&M's Jimbo Fisher fires back at Nick Saban: 'We're done'


Yeah, this is going to be fun to watch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody come right out and call Saban dirty, so that should heat things up.

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While also talking about how he learned to do things by coaching under Bobby Bowden.

Cheating your ass off while being holier than thou about it has to be carefully taught.


Bowden’s already been beatified, so it’s going to be hard to impeach him unless there’s a Paterno-sized skeleton in his closet. Clever move by Jimbo.

I absolutely support NIL deals, but even without new rules, using them to induce recruits to sign is illegal under current NCAA rules. The “collectives” are boosters and are prohibited from contacting recruits, again under existing NCAA rules. NIL deals should be limited to athletes who are signed/enrolled in schools.

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I don’t think they have to contact recruits: they simply put up a web page, aimed at nobody in particular, saying “Look, we’ve got X million bucks in NIL deals available to athletes that enroll at WhatsaMatta U. Part of that can be yours if you sign with the Fighting Douchebags!” As soon as a guy signs his letter of intent, the second piece of paper they give him is his NIL deal. He then calls his friends, and the pipeline gets filled right quick. I don’t think any of that is against the letter of the rules today.

I think the “deal” can’t be completed until the athlete is a student, not just signed a letter on intent.

While I’m aware of the UT collectives, which were made public, presumably as a beacon to recruits, I have yet to hear anything public about the Aggie collectives. If everything is above board with the collectives as Jimbo claims (even though he also claims he has no knowledge of the specifics), why not make them public?

They’re afraid that if they reveal that they’ve got what amounts to a $250 million slush fund, the rules will get changed. But I don’t really see how you can keep such a thing hidden. Surely the NIL rules specified some sort of accounting provisions?

One thing is for sure: those kids are going to get a valuable, real-world education about US taxes.