College FB Conference Realignment (here we go again)

Oh joy…

I wonder if the Longhorn Network will be as popular with Alabama and LSU fans as it is with TCU, Baylor, and Tech fans?

I was just fixing to post this.

Maybe they can get into that European soccer league.


Like that matters. LONGHORN Network.

Without UT and OU, the Big12 becomes the 7th best conference behind the SEC, Pac12, ACC, Big10, MWC and AAC.

I get the point, but I wouldn’t put the MWC in that list. Realignment and NIL is really going to shake up college sports. I’m going to be optimistic that it will ultimately be for the better. Probably after some nasty growing pains though.

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I read the part about the Aggies…

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I’m in my 50s and have yet to begin to understand them. Some are normal, but collectively, they’re an inscrutable needy freak show.


It’s Bohls so apply the necessary salt

I never read the contrarian asshole.


I know/knew Kitty Crider (former Statesman food editor) from when I worked with her husband. On multiple occasions I tried really hard to get her to say anything bad about Bohls or John Kelso, but she wouldn’t throw them under the bus.

He’s worse than a contrarian, he’s a shit stirrer.

JFC I leave to go fishing for 4 days and this happens?

I hate it at first, 2nd and… glance, but I also initially hated the Stros AL move.

At least Kelso was funny.

I felt the same way, at first. I’ve already warmed to it though, mainly because it just seems inevitable. Either join in or get left behind.

Thank you Clayton Williams.

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I never thought so.

I’m curious to see what happens with the current BIG 12 schools now. Kansas is probably off to the BIG 10 and could be dragging either K st or Iowa St with them. I could see West Virginia leaving for the ACC. That leaves Baylor, Tech, Oklahoma St, TCU and either Iowa St or K St behind. Oklahoma St I could see trying to join the PAC 12 but would the PAC 12 want any of the others? Are Baylor and TCU gonna have to join the AAC? Mountain West? Things are changing and I see no other option than the BIG 12 just dying.