College Basketball 2023 - 2024

I love to see it

They were still able to get a good shot to tie at the end, but missed it.

Two good looks in the last minute. Can’t imagine a visiting team has ever won in Lawrence with 20+ turnovers; crazy that BU was even close in this one.

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21 turnovers to 8 for Kansas. Offensive rebounding helped a little, but they still had about 10 fewer shots than Kansas. That’s gonna cost you.

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Prior to Sampson arriving, UH was 1-27 vs Cincy, which almost seems impossible. UH was on a 15 game losing streak vs them. Last nights win was the 10th in a row for the Coogs vs the Bearcats.

I still remember watching those Huggins teams come in and just physically dominate UH. It was like a Varsity team play the JV.

Cincy is a hair away from being all the way back, Wes Miller has them trending up.

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Huggins basketball was the shittiest thing in the world to watch if they were playing your team. I cannot stand the “we’re going to just beat the fuck out of you and the refs will let us get away with it” style, and couldn’t be happier that dicknose is no longer in the Big 12.


I remember a couple of his early 90’s teams (Nick Van Exel, Corey Blount, etc…) were fun to watch. After that, and especially in the last decade or so, not so much at all.

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The old “I dare them to call a foul every play” strategy. It worked.


Cincinnati basketball history is second only to Kansas in the big 12. The 58-63 teams went to five straight final fours in a row with 2 wins and 1 runner-up. Huggins took them to the final four in 92 and made 3 other elite 8 appearances. Danny Fortson and Kenyon Martin were a couple other of the rough and tumble kids/men that typified a Huggins’ coached team. By the end of the 90s Huggins’ teams started to decline as troubles with his drinking began increasing. Mick Cronin did a good job while there until UCLA cam calling and he couldn’t say no. They made a bad hire after Cronin left but quickly remedied the situation and appear to have found a great coach with Wes Miller.

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If forgot Danny Fortson, he was a hell of a college player.

Texas Tech take a 37-28 lead into halftime against Kansas in Lubbock.

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Tech is en fuego.

KU’s home/road splits are wild. They are like the anti 2023 playoff Astros.

Texas Tech beats Kansas 79-50.

Wow, did the KU guard who got injured late in the Saturday game play?

If that’s McCullar, then no, he didn’t play. Dickinson couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean, which meant that Furphy and Adams had to do all the scoring, and they weren’t up to it. And outside of a 5 or 6 minute stretch in the second half, Tech shot really well. Even including that cold stretch, they were 49% from 2 and 38% from 3. By comparison, KU was 33% and 19%.

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UNC goes down to Syracuse. Chaos reigns.

Baylor not having much difficulty with Oklahoma so far, but still 14:00 to go. Baylor leads by 14.

BYU holds on for a 90-88 victory over UCF in Provo.

#13 Auburn beats #11 South Carolina by 40 tonight. Auburn has one each of their games by double digits this year. Only SEC team to have not lost at home this year. They welcome Kentucky on Saturday

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