College basketball 2021

Red Raider Nation hopes you’re wrong. Beard lacks for nothing in Lubbock with brand new facilities and he’s already the third (I think) highest paid coach.


GD this is one of the most enjoyable teams I’ve ever followed. Love these guys.

Phi Swarma Jama? No let’s not get that trending, please.

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Boo Hoo to “Red Raider Nation.” He will have to say no and mean it because he is #1 for Del Conte, and one national basketball writer has said the deal is done. I am aware he will be a tough get, but we’ll see. No announcement before April 1 because his buyout goes down on that date.

He lacks for being head coach at the University of Texas. Despite the facilities, the money, the whatever…UT is a step up from Tech. It’s just the way it is.

Maybe. The “prestige” of the UT head coaching job in basketball over TTU exists only in Texas. Nobody outside of Texas expects anything from a Longhorn team. Beard and Texas Tech basketball are better known and more widely covered here in CA and most other places I travel than UT. The Longhorns have frequently been able to sign their first choice in head coach for baseball, basketball, and football and Beard is a UT alumnus so it is a real possibility he will jump.

However, he has spent years in Lubbock and is a local hero. He knows he can get a title at Tech since he’s already had a team in overtime in the NCG; so, he doesn’t have to move to Austin to get a shot at a title. A basketball title in Austin doesn’t earn the immortality a football title would. If he wins one in Lubbock, they’ll re-name the city.

I don’t think it’s a lock that he accepts an offer from UT.

You are in a fantasy world, Tex. Maybe he won’t leave, but it will be money, not because Tech is a better job.

Gonzaga is such a machine on both ends of the court. Hoping for them v Baylor in the final, it’s a shame covid robbed us of their reg season game.

Sounds like he has no choice in the matter.

I’m hopeful, but am also wondering if this isn’t another Nick Saban/Urban Meyer situation.

Those guys are in a different universe as coaches from Beard. If Beard says no, Texas will move on.

I know that, I was more speaking to the hype then fizzle. If Beard wants the job, it’s his.

I was thoroughly amused this morning reading Kirk Bohls (only reason to read him is for laughs) suggest John Calipari and Mark Few as potential targets.

I would turn in my season tickets if we hired Calipari.


Or Pitino, who has also been floated as a possibility

Or Sampson

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Are the tables at Red Ash sturdy enough?

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Like that would ever happen.

Nope, when he’s ready to retire his son will simply move down a chair on the Coogs bench.

His son’s an impressive guy, btw: Kellen Sampson - Men's Basketball Coach - University of Houston Athletics

Just saying some of the ridiculous names some media types have floated.

Tale of Two Halves for UH. Beavers went to the 1-3-1 and UH has no clue what to do on offense other than crash the glass after missed shots.