College basketball 2021

Looking at the AP top 25 and I see no North Carolina, no Duke, no Kansas, and no Kentucky. Also no Louisville or UCLA. That never happens. Also of note 4 Texas schools are in the top 13, three in the top 10. That never happens. Is Texas is turning into a basketball state?

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COVID is disrupting the hell out of college basketball while the NCAA ignores it.

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It seems many people do not believe it is real until someone dies.

With the NCAA, it is $$$$$.

At one point over the holidays every single member of the UH basketball team tested positive. So reckless.

UT has had some issues but not had that significant an issue in its program, but it has had numerous games postponed or cancelled because of COVID in the opponents’ programs. At one point, I think they went 19 days between games.

They did lose one game because their coach and half the team were out

Yeah, two starters and a front line reserve plus Shaka DNP. One starter and Smart tested positive; the other two players were contact tracing. Not sure why that game (one point loss) was played; Kentucky cancels its games.

They went 19 days between practices with all their scholarship players.

It’s the first time since 1961 that none of Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA, Duke and North Carolina are ranked.

Smart out the door at UT and in the door at Marquette. Who is next? Before you say Beard, remember he was on Pender’s staff and that didn’t end to well.

Smart got out on his own, IMO. He knew it was not working. I am sad for him and for the program because he did so many things right. I have no clue who might replace him.

Penders was a drunk. Nothing there is relevant.


Yeah, not that it’s relevant anyway, but I’m not sure it’s fair to say he was on Penders’ staff, he was a student who was a manager.

As to the tourney, what is the reason for the Saturday to Tuesday schedule versus the traditional Thursday to Sunday schedule?

I’ve wondered about the delayed schedule too, and the best I could come up with is something covid protocol related.

Grad assistant not student manager.

Looks like Beard may be it. A site I trust says it may happen.

I wondered too, and all I could find was “logistical reasons.”

I’m going to be the cynic again and guess that it has to do with TV viewership. I bet they figured out you can get more people to stay home and watch games on Monday than you can on Thursday.

Or something even more cynical, like flights were cheaper this way.

Nope, Covid

I trust your sources too,

No source on this. Burnt Orange Nation is a website I read.