College Baseball 2024

Yeah, some of the sleeping bats woke up, but the pen and the starters were worrisome.

I’m still long term bullish on them though. Think Witt and that skinny freshman, Tunis (?) will be big contributors by year’s end.

No argument there, but still disappointing to come away 0-3 when there were two very winnable ballgames there. Those are the kinds of losses that send you on the road come June instead of hosting a Regional or Super.

The bullpen is very much a concern right now, and it feels (to me) like both O’Dowd and Thomas might be subpar defensively at first.

My glass-half-full observation is that Pierce teams seem to improve over the course of the season.

I agree, his teams are usually mediocre early and peak late I think this team, so far, has looked better than many of his others have early in the year. Definitely the most bats he’s had, IMO.

Wrong. Fire everyone, play the freshmen, make Arch Manning the Friday starter.


Or pretend he is Gustafson, and start Manning on Friday and have him relieve on Sunday.

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Arms exploding like they were Spinal Tap drummers.

If I heard last night’s broadcast correctly, Tech is currently averaging 13.8 runs per game, which is tops in D1. Given UT’s current inability to keep runs off the board, things may get ugly this weekend.

That’s mostly against lesser competition, including 20+ runs in a game vs TSU, so I wouldn’t read too much into it. Tech’s hitting is pretty good, but nobody really knows how good. Tech’s pitching is inconsistent, so these may be high scoring games, especially if the wind is blowing out in Lubbock.

When I was 12, my little league had tryouts on a Lubbock spring day in 1974. The wind was, indeed, blowing out and behind my back when we had the timed running and dashes. I was the fastest motherfucker on the planet that day, and it wasn’t even close.


The wind would rip around twelve story Coleman Hall so fast you could open your coat to it and get taken off your feet.


Wow, the scoreboard may not be big enough for this UT@Tech game. UT with 4 in the top of the 1st.

Now 4-4 after three innings. Not much wind.

Oh FFS, Tech gives up seven runs after two out in the fourth. Now 11-4 in the bottom of the fourth. Wind now blowing out.

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LBJ out with 2 on, 1 out, up 16-5 in B5. He really needs to turn the corner if Texas is to maximize. Way too many uncompetitive pitches.

Man, this is really tedious baseball.

It is, but this tedium beats the hell out of the last 4 games. Think if you were in the stands watching this, freezing your ass off and realizing you’re in Lubbock.

Horns break their losing streak! 22-8 victory on a cold and windy night in Lubbock. Whitehead was a big boost with 4+ innings of relief.

Texas Tech bounces back from last night’s frozen butt-whippin’ with a 7-2 win in nice weather. Rubber game tomorrow.

Cougars eviscerate Kansas to claim the Big XII title. Onward and upward!

Wrong thread, sir.