College Baseball 2024

Started today. Get my baseball fix.

Horns take down San Diego 7-3.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dive quite like the one the SD outfielder attempted on the grand slam.

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Player hit 7 times in 8 ABs

And then when he was finally pinch hit for, the pinch hitter got hit by the pitch as well.

Somewhere Biggio just smiled


Great story!

The Horns beat Houston Christian 20-3?!

Berkman must have been furious to watch a group of guys take a pounding like that.

I don’t know what kind of manager/coach Berkman is, but I hope he’s got more character than Rick Pitino.

Way to set the bar high, there

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Someone who is a great player does not necessarily become a good coach. Vice versa too.

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I think there’s a whole lot more examples of great players becoming bad coaches than good ones.

I’ve long suggested that Cecil Cooper may be the most underrated great player in MLB history. He was an awful coach.

Also, even great coaches need players. I don’t know what Berkman has to work with.

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That is also true, HH.

Ridiculously good play by Flores in the hole against Cal Poly in the 5th.

Three shutouts in a row for the Horns against Cal Poly. Really hard to know the quality of Cal Poly, but three shutouts is impressive. Play LSU, Texas State and Vandy next weekend in Houston, so we’ll get a better idea.

Then a midweek with Texas A&M followed by a roadie to that bandbox in Lubbock. Texas State is the only non-ranked team in that stretch of seven games.

Looking forward to seeing how the Horns stack up.

Saturday and Sunday were a real kick to the junk for Texas baseball fans.

That game Saturday against Texas State was pretty exciting with multiple lead changes and 6 or 7 homers.

LSU and Vandy are obviously quality outfits, and Texas State is no slouch, so three losses there isn’t the end of the world. But the bullpen troubles are worrisome.