College Baseball 2021

For those of you near Round Rock, the Round Rock Classic looks like a great college baseball tourney this year.

The next weekend at Minute Maid, it is the Shriners Classic featuring
Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Texas Tech
Sam Houston
Texas State

Being an Auburn alum, I am excited about the Tigers this year.

Big XII baseball looks great again this year. It’s only a 9 team league (Iowa State does not field a team) and three of them are in D1’s top ten, and a total of five teams in the top twenty:

#3 Texas Tech
#9 Texas
#10 TCU
#14 West Virginia
#20 Oklahoma State

Baylor and Oklahoma almost always field good teams so I would not be surprised to see seven teams in the tournament and perhaps two or more seeds from the Big XII.

The State Farm College Showdown is also slated for next weekend, including:

#3 Texas Tech
#6 Ole Miss
#8 Arkansas
#7 Mississippi State
#9 Texas
#10 TCU

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This just in, Kumar Rocker is pretty good at baseball. Through his first 4 innings of the year, 8 Ks, 1BB and 1 H(Double).

The wait begins to see if the Pirates can draft him and mess him up.

He’ll be the most hyped pitcher since Strasburg

I totally forgot about him, after losing last year. Agree about the hype, but based on that one game I saw, it’s understandable.

Actually had 3 walks in 4 innings. Vandy beats Wright State 14-1

In game two, Jack Leiter said “Oh yeah, watch this” Through 4 innings 7 Ks no walks, no hits.

Wright State’s batters are going to need therapy after this double header.

Has any school ever had the first two overall picks in the same draft?

Cole and Bauer went 1 & 3.

You got me curious. #2 that year was Danny Hultzen by the Mariners. 3.1 inning career for the FTC in 2019.

33 K’s in 2 games for the Longhorn bats.

I’m going to reserve panic based on the SSS, the quality of competition, and the fact that they couldn’t really practice for a week leading into the games, but yeah, that’s not good.

This is the proper way to respond to a beanball.

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The beanball is at 0:26 in this video.

How you don’t toss that guy for throwing at the batter’s head is beyond me. It was 100 percent intentional.

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The batter moved up in the box during the pitch. I don’t dispute he was sending a message of inside heat but a batter moving up in the box during a pitch when you are up 8-1 might be asking for inside heat.

Moving up 2 feet isn’t changing the fact he threw at his head.

That was a temper tantrum pitch, pure and simple. It was head high in the front of the back of batter’s box.

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And nevermind the fact that the guy just gave up 2 home runs. Maybe putting another guy on isn’t the best plan of action going forward.


Leiter no hit No. 16 South Carolina today.

Walked the first batter then proceeds to park the next 27.

16 Ks.

Last pitch of the game clocked at 97.


Need a time machine to put 2021 Vanderbilt against 2011 UCLA. Would love to see Rocker/Leiter duke it out with Cole/Bauer.