Currently drinking Manhattans and debating the merits of several more.

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How did the debate turn out?

I certainly did not win. I’m going to try once again, however, in a very short while (we’re going bowling with some friends).

Happy Boxing Day!!


Manhattans are a wonderful thing, and I’ve gotten pretty good at making them at home, but I’ve found you better have a bartender/location you trust because it can turn out very badly.

On this topic, I have just bought a cocktail cabinet. Looking forward to making Old Fashioneds on it once it arrives.

Don’t you have some smart device which will make them for you?


I wish…but no.

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A few years ago I thought of an idea for a Keurig, but for cocktails. I then found out such a thing was already in development, then I heard it went belly up within a year.

I can’t imagine that it could be any good.

Look no further than a margarita machine to know how crappy a machine-made cocktail can get.

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I have an old radio cabinet from the 1930s turned in a cocktail cabinet. It’s perfect for my rum collection.


I do. It is my wife.

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Grander 12-year old rum from Panama. It’s pretty good.

There is a robot cafe in Seoul that also has a robot bartender and it can make a tequila sunrise or mojito but not much else.

Enjoying a Third Man now, made with Still Austin bourbon. What a great cocktail for a warm Saturday afternoon.

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Still is a great spot. Right next door to a Top 5 Austin Brewery too.

Nice!! You can obviously ignore my question in the other thread.

A little Rum Old Fashioned to toast that run-a-riffic bottom of the 7th inning.