Click, Click, Boom

I severely underestimated Crane’s stupidity


Is this just about money?

They didn’t want to many consecutive days of good press.

Yeah, this is not good….unless he has a deal in his back pocket with the Brewers to get Stearns and even still, I don’t like it.

No, it’s entirely about Crane’s ego

How so?

This is the only correct take on this subject.


It’s been over 75 years since a World Series winning GM left his team. SMH…

Because winning isn’t good enough. They have to win his way

OK, I don’t understand it at all. Hopefully more information will come out.

For about a month now I have wondered if Jim Crane is on the Jerry Jones path of ownership. This is not good.


Wow things must have not been going well behind the scenes. That’s too bad.

It’s an interesting situation. Several reports have pointed to Crane being more involved in baseball decisions and specifically mentioning that he is heavily influenced by Reggie Jackson and Bagwell (plus the story of Dusty arguing against trading Urquidy). For decisions on big time stars, that’s probably not a bad thing.

He’s not an idiot, he almost certainly already has somebody lined up for this. Because it sure doesn’t seem like Click was challenging him here.

I hate to swim against the tide, but Click made the decision to leave. Crane offered him a one-year contract, and Click said no. Two huge egos, not merely one.


Saw this on Twitter, no idea how true it is:

“Click fought dusty for a lot of things according to the TBS broadcasters. For example, pena batting 2nd was something dusty fought for. Or using maldy exclusively for the top 3 starters. Click wanted to make Vasquez trade more impactful. The pitchers and dusty refused.”

Factually wrong as noted above. And horseshit as to Click’s “huge ego.”

4:20 mark. Im sure this ship has sailed, since I think he sued the Astros for pay.

I am not going to pile on Crane. Y’all are assuming Click did nothing to piss his boss off, but I am not so sure.