Chas Mc

Chas quote from article:

but I think he does a good job of sporadically putting in the best matchups,” McCormick said.

The stuff about Chas’ weight leaves me speechless.

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I can’t read the article because it’s behind a paywall, but if Dusty Baker said that Chaz’s weight is a reason not to play him every day, he’s even more a fucking idiot than I thought, and that’s a pretty high bar to get over.


Sprint speed (ft/sec):

Chas 28.1
Dubon 28.1

He denied it was a factor. He did say “He’s not a “Big Boy” yet.

Baker denies but Rome says four people in the organization told him that it’s become a “talking point” for Dusty.


Yeah, I saw that too. That is truly crazy. I like Dusty ok, but I want him retired after this year. Chas has earned PT.


This site frowns upon that, iirc. You can post snippets, but not whole paywalled articles.

Thank you very much for this. I certainly don’t mean to do anything unethical. It was simply out of ignorance and will delete it.

So “Big Boy” is Dustyspeak for "deserving to play every day. Got it.

Altuve, Bregman, Tucker are Dusty’s Big Boys

So where do Pena and Abreu fit in?

While not listed as one by Dusty in the article, Abreu is likely close because of his career track record. Dusty likely views his offensive struggles this season as something he can work his way out of, which he has started to do. I still remember the games in Kansas City a few years ago where Dusty insisted on pitching to Salvador Perez when he was hitting like an MVP, instead of taking his chances with Carlos Santana, who was performing much worse. Pitching to Perez burned the Astros multiple times in that series.

Peña earned Dusty’s trust with his postseason performance, and the Astros really don’t have a great every day alternative behind him. That said, I would argue the Astros don’t have a great everyday alternative behind Chas McCormick in centerfield, either, and his performance this year along with the the game-saving catch in game 5 of World Series, should have earned him Baker’s complete trust by now. Not to mention, McCormick was instrumental in a lot of regular season wins last year.

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Wow, I’m wondering if Daniel Vogelbach’s weight has become a talking point with the Mets or whoever he plays for. It’s hard to say, he could be grandfathered in, like Maldy apparently is with Dusty.

Same goes for Alejandro Kirk in Toronto.

Kirk and Maldonado are catchers, not center fielders. It’s a different standard.


Agreed. The standard is different for catchers compared to centerfielders. My comment was directed at @Col.SphinxDrummond referencing Daniel Vogelbach, who DH’s for the Mets. It had nothing to do with Chas.