CFB 2022

He just annoys me. It’s either being over fake(seems fake to me) excited about random nothing plays or his cadence. Something about the way he calls the game with pauses between every word just really grates on me.

Nothing against him personally. Everybody that I hear talk about him raves about him being a good dude.

I just don’t like listening to him call a game and I hate when the best game is the game he is calling because that game goes on the biggest screen, which means audio too.

When his schtick was new, it was fun. Now that you hear every game between THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN WESTERN ILLINOIS VS. SAINT MARGARET’S SCHOOL FOR WAYWARD LIMBLESS called like every play is for the NC and not two 1-9 schools having a pillow fight with empty pillowcases, it gets a little grating.


He’s grown on me. It used to be “oh no, the screamer is doing the game,” but now I like the guy.

The older I get, the less that stuff gets to me. This year, I’ve even stopped muting Brando/Tillman, two of the biggest morons on air. Galindo is the last remaining person on my must mute list.

Lance Blanks has the most confusing voice for me. If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear that he’s some cotton farmer from Lubbock. He’s what I would expect Chris Ogden to sound like.

ETA: not football, of course, just announcers.

Great start on offense by the Horns.

They’re making my channel switching decision at 1 much easier.

Someone watching the game explain how that picked up PI flag worked?

The Big 12 officiating is a fucking joke.

“behind the line of scrimmage”

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Wow, what a horrible last 2 minutes of the half.

End of half situations can kill you

Playing stupid fuck prevent defense where you don’t prevent a fucking thing.




All you had to do to have a halftime lead, is not be a complete dumbass and they failed

Someone behind us at the game said this is the same crew that reffed Texas OSU. If that’s true, zero penalties for the visiting team in 7 quarters.

This seems fine, and normal

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They finally called one, and it was the ol’ defensive delay of game.

Sadly, it’s true. Shocked we finally saw one.

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What a great game for Sark and the Horns. Shitty blocking at times to give up sacks, but the OL took over the game.


Twenty-two run plays to finish the game. That’s some sexy football.

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I love the TV announcer’s idea: give Bijan $8M in NIL money to come back next season.

Ewers threw the ball well when he had time, except for the one too hard overthrow to Sanders.

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