CFB 2022

The stadium in Lincoln becomes the states’ 3rd largest city on home game dates.

After losing at home to Eastern Michigan, Herm Edwards out at Arizona St.

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Thoughts and prayers for tempe normal school.

Helluva win against a superb NDSU Bison team by my alma mater.

Go Cats.

Wow, their wrist must really sting

Just pour a little Jack Daniels on it.

Anybody ever seen a team score 8 seconds into a game after kicking off to start? Michigan did that against Maryland. Kicked off and the Maryland returner took the ball of the facemask recovered by Michigan and 1 player later, touchdown

That’s the kind of mistake that will make a player hide in his shell

Duke at Kansas is going to be a fun game. Yes I realize college basketball has not started yet

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Refs in the ISU/Baylor game have already blown 4 pretty big calls, and there’s 3 minutes left in the 1Q

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Maryland has tied the game at 10

Not the “worst call ever”, and I get the “crown of the helmet” part of the rule, but c’mon, that’s not a penalty, much less an ejection. How else are you gonna tackle a RB with his upper body parallel to the ground within 5 yards of the LOS without trying to armtackle his ankles?

eta: fact that a Baylor defender made virtually the exact same play on the next series without a flag or review or anything made it even worse

and as I’m typing, there’s another totally chickenshit personal foul called for a block below the waist (it wasn’t) on the defense

Not even the worst of the past 2 weeks

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That Duke coach looks like he’s pregnant. With twins.

UGA, stop playing with your food

Parents, you need to start thinking about talking to your kids about Undefeated Kansas

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I wonder if Bill Self is going to get all pissy about their success.


From the couple of interviews and articles I’ve seen, KU’s coach Liepold is really impressive. He’s been linked to the Nebraska job (by Nebraska-types) but I hope he stays for a bit and finds a better job.