Called out for head butting a throw

Nice head butt, but interference…

That’s pretty wild.

A friendly announcer described him as a “heady” player…

That seemed a stretch to call it intentional – seemed like pretty minimal movement, and one could argue he was simply turning his face out of the way.

Seems like similar movement at the plate would just be a HBP, no?

That was 100 percent intentional.

Comparing it to a HBP would be the Biggio elbow pad move of moving your body back but intentionally sticking your elbow pad out to let it hit you.

I’m pretty sure that the only time Biggio ever got ejected was in response to getting called out on that move by HPU.

Just watched it at I agree with you. 100% intentional.

Appears the only head movement was to ensure impact on the helmet, not his face…

Do the olé move or hit the deck.

He came to a full stop. And didn’t even half-turtle.

Credit for quick thinking after a poor decision. But yer out.

Yep, that was clearly intentional. Suggesting otherwise just doesn’t even pass the red-face test.