Bullet Journal

Does anyone do this? I am interested in it as it is recommended for those of us with ADHD due to its simplicity, flexibility and accountability.

I use day planner, does that count? It’s pretty much the same thing, just pre-laid out. You enter your to-do’s on the month and day pages, and make whatever notes you need to. I find it useful, though my employer doesn’t. I’ve been told I need to stop writing notes/tasks in a journal and start using OneNote. I prefer to write. With a fountain pen. I’m fighting that good fight.


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I use a day planner too. One that also has a section for daily logging. And, of course, I also have an appointment calendar on my refrigerator, and reminders on my phone. I still forget shit.

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Studies have shown that you remember stuff much better when you have written it, as opposed to typed it. A fountain pen probably means that you also remember you wrote something because you have ink stains on your hands.

A pre-formatted day planner etc. does not work well with the ADHD brain, which is why many have recommended the Bullet Journal. This is because it is infinitely flexible yet remains completely navigable due to the index and the process of “threading” (referencing the page numbers to jump forwards/backwards to find the father/son of the section you’re in).

I appears that some people go nuts on Bullet Journals and turn them into these hyper-personalized, structured planners, and that’s fine. But anything that is that complicated to set up means that I’d do it once and then never use again it because I didn’t like the layout anymore and it’s too much work to keep up.

True. But the company claims that studies also show that it’s easier to share digital notes online than ones handwritten in a notebook.

You should be able to take a photo and upload it, with the software doing the text recognition for you.

The “best practice” advice I’ve seen is for you to put everything in your handwritten notebook, and later batch-upload to your digital apps what needs to be shared.

I’m sure there are workarounds, but Big Oil wants everyone to put notes into a common online format where others can read, edit, comment, etc. We’re not supposed to have private thoughts, I guess. I still use my notebook and fountain pen, of course, but I’ve been told point blank: “this will reflect negatively on you in performance reviews and promotion considerations, as it demonstrates your inflexibility, ‘fixed mind set’, reluctance to collaborate, and general unwillingness to embrace ‘digital solutions’.” Gee whiz…all of those things? I figure as long as the paycheck doesn’t bounce…


You don’t say.


You can still take a photo of your journal and copy/paste the text from it into the app the silicone Nazis want you to use.

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I could. I can also type faster than I can write, so there’s motivation to type my notes too. But going old school comforts me. My pens are like lifelong old friends. Hello, old friend…


And to follow up on this…I write with my fountain pen all day and keep it in my pocket when I’m not using it. It’s on my person 12-14 per day, and the only time I get ink on my fingers is when I’m refilling it. How messy are some people?

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I now have a running list of notes. I just keep adding to the top. I can go back to see what I did by searching the document.

I used to write things down, but now I can search it much easier and faster.

Either by written hand or typed, notes of some sort are the way to go.

I also don’t do task, by the time I set one up I’d be done with the task, but if I make my to-do list in my notes I don’t forget.

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