Why do the Astros owners think they are so.good that people will pay out the nose to watch.the games on TV? I already pay out the nose for cable TV and i am not paying $75 a month to watch a baseball game. Rangers are on TV all tbe time and have a better record that the Astros.

There is no world in which you have to pay $75 a month to watch the Astros.

The Astros are on TV all the time too, with the same cable/satellite package as the Rangers. You don’t pay extra to watch the Astros.

While the original post makes no sense, it is absolutely on the horizon thanks to the coordcutters, Less than 7 years from now we will all be paying $500+ per season to watch the Astros as a complete stand alone product.

If I give up my DirecTV, will it mean I’m four pitches behind like the rabble?


Team directv too. But the RSN model has gone to shit thanks to coordcutters hoping to save $6 a month, for a far less inferior product. In the end we will all be paying WAY more.

Cord cutters pay way more for less tan I do.

Who needs a dang cord. Enough tv with good attenae. Except Astros. Used to be able to watch away games. Fox 26?

Until everything you and I get with directv gets unbundled, which is coming. MLB will be first. Probably $39 a month as a stand-alone product, streaming only. Streaming sucks.

Where do I send my $75? I don’t want to miss tonight’s game.

Send it to me.

I’ll make sure the Astros get it.


Thanks. I’ll have my people contact your people.


I dont know what provider you have, but the Rangers are on 10 times for every once the Astros are on, at my house. I u derstand that they are blacking out areas over 100 miles away, which.includes me. The networks that are streaming the Stros are expensive.

Fubu, fubo. Whstever it is. The cheapest package is $74.95

Not me.

I have DirecTV. Both the Astros and Rangers are on every night that they’re not on FOX or AppleTV. And if you get Rangers games, you are not blacked out for the Astros as they share the exact same geographic broadcast area, and proximity to Houston isn’t a consideration for blackouts anyway. If you don’t get the Astros RSN, that’s between you and your provider, not the Astros.

I use to watch the Astros every game on 26
Not anymore.

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Yeah, that went away 30+ years ago. As it did for every team.

Im on Spectrum

Then take it up with Spectrum.