Brewers at Astros, 5/19/24

Leadoff double, K, and SB put the runner at 3b.
Espada pulls the infield in for reasons unknown to God and man.
Yelich with a routine grounder to the right side that of course gets through because the IF is in.
Routine fly to CF.
Yelich SB - Carratini puts the throw right on the corner of the bag, this should be overturned.
Overturned, CS, inning over.

Mid 1, 1-0 Brewers.

I hate pulling the infield in in the first inning. I get wanting to put up a zero but Iā€™d rather limit the chance of a big inning


Ambushed the 1st pitch

The Return of Yordan would be a welcome development

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Rake Farm double makes it 4-1!

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Yordan 2b, bb, bb, SF RBI, 2 run 2b by Meyers makes it 4-1 after 1

Technically it was a groundout RBI. Nice play by the 2b to rob Singleton.

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Ah, Iā€™m on radio and missed that detail. Also a bit foggy after a weekend of Hill County outdoor shennanigans

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Arrighetti gets three ground balls around a 2 out walk for a nice inning.

With Loperfido on first and one out, Contreras makes a horrible back-pick throw into RF that send Loperfido to third. Tucker then Ks looking and Yordan Ks swinging. Chance wasted.

End 2, 4-1

Arrightetti with a nice top 3 with 1 baserunner.

Bregman leads off with a non-pop-up double. Pena grounds to SS, Bregman unable to advance.
Singleton walks, and Meyers flies to center, runners hold.
Carratini grounds 4-6 to end the threat.

End 3, 4-1 Astros

Spaghetti with no meat balls through four.

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Arrighetti with a 1-2-3 T4.

Loperfido leads off B4 with his second single of the day.
Broken bat 6-4-3 for Altuve.
Tucker Ks

End 4, 4-1 Astros

That Amazon Prime commercial always gets ā€œ25 or 6 to 4ā€ stuck in my head.

Top 5:
Chourio beats out an infield hit with one out
Perkins lines a single to RF, Chourio holds at 2b
Turang with a 3-6 FC, Chourio to 3b
Contreras drives one to the RF wall but Tucker tracks it down.

Arrighetti with only 66 pitches through 5. 4-1 Astros.

Bottom 5:

Yordan walks - leadoff hitter has reached in every inning
Bregman with a can of corn to LF
Pena with a soft liner in from of the RF for a single, Yordan to 3b on a good read
Singleton loops one over the SS to CF for an RBI single, Pena to 2b,
5-1 Astros, Rea out

Singleton with a steak.

Jake has finally moved back to Rake Farm.

ETA: .918 OPS

Jake bloops one to RF, bases loaded
Carratini strikes out, 2 down
Loperfido, still the PCL leader in HR after 3 weeks in the majors, swings at one in the dirt to strike out and end the inning.

End 5, 5-1 Astros