Braves @ Astros, 17 Apr 24

Will kick it off, but not keep up.

Top 1st - France threw 20 pitches, up a single, a balk, but no runs - no score

Bot 1st - Alvarez kills one & Bregs leaves runners @ 1st & 3rd = 1-0 Astros

PS: Fried has 30 ERA in 1st inning…

Top 2 - Evened by Ozuna HR, 1-1
Bot 2 - Abreu’s BB was good, but didn’t count -


Using Braves broadcast, got tired of free Astros broadcast cutting out every 4-5 pitches.

Top 2 - 2 on, 2 out for Ozuna…

Top 3rd - Pena atones for error, 2 LOB = still 1-1

Yordan’s bomb:

Take over, I’m through in the kitchen…

Nope, cooking curry, game is on in the background

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I resemble that, though likely less spicy & (mostly) GF.
A grandmother on “Chopped” said, home “cooking” was a form of love.

Bot 5th - Astros match Acuna’s HR in Top 5th, w/ great base running by 'Tuve (causing an error by Harris (CF) on Alvarez’s hit, and RBI by Bregs (single) & Tuck (2b).

'Stros 3-2 !!!

Top of 6th - (Montero takes over w/ a lead; France left with 52 strikes in 96 pitches.)
Montero shuts them down

'Stros 3-2 !!!


Bot - 6th - HR by Dubon!!! 4-2 'Stros!!!

@moriarty Take over…

Top 8

4-2 lead cut to 4-3.

Runners on the corners, 1 out.

And SAC fly plates the tying run.

as night follows day…

Sure would be fucking nice if we could get through Abreu-Pressly-Hader without somebody fucking it up


Singleton on deck to PH for Abreu.

Mid 8, tied at 4.

Oh good, Singleton is pinch hitting.

Pressly needs to do his fucking job, but Joe Espada needs to also learn how to manage his leverage relievers. Pressly last pitched on Friday. He needs to be pitching more than once every five days.


Pathetic 8th for the home team.

To the 9th.

I don’t disagree, but is Espada making these decisions or are they planned out by the front office?