Bracket Challenge

Is anyone setting up an OWA challenge.

Here is the 2021 OWA Bracket Challenge Link


I’m probably being too sentimental but I got UT and UH in the final.

No, you are crazy.

I am crazy and I’m sentimental. Do I hope it will happen? Yes! Do I think it will happen? Not hardly! My other bracket is different.

Texas has the athletic talent to be a final four team. I’m not sure about their coach. Houston has a coach that can get his team to consistently play with a relentless effort but the team is prone to game long shooting slumps, like they had in their losses against hot shooting ECU and Tulsa.

The Big 12 is the best conference, slightly better than the Big 10. the AAC is a very underrated conference

Crazy and sentimental. But lovable.

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Illinois looks awful tough.

Most talking heads I’ve read have UH losing in the sweet sixteen round to Syracuse. Most consider UH the weakest of the 2 seeds.

Of course the talking heads think that.

Syracuse will lose to West Virginia if they can get past San Diego State, which I don’t think they can.

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I went ahead and jumped in, even though I am not much of a Basketball fan. I did not pick UT vs. UH for the title, though.

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After Oral Roberts victory, I’m really pulling for Morehead State.

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Mine is done.

And only half the games have been played.

I went 11-5 today. The only upset I picked correctly was #10 Rutgers over #7 Clemson. I had Ohio State getting to the Sweet 16, but that’s the only hole in my Sweet 16 so far.

BTW I’ve got Texas Tech beating Texas 68-65 in the final.

Shut up.

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Stupid Oral Roberts, Colgate and Winthrop.

eta: but screw brackets, Oral Roberts winning was the highlight of my day. And North Texas.

Imagine that the 2 best players on the court that game both played for Oral Roberts, and they were somehow a 15 seed

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For sure, seemed nearly every pundit I heard had UH going out to Rutgers in the 32 or SU/WVU in the 16. Meanwhile Vegas has UH with the 4th best odds to win it all…

I loved our chances of getting to the elite 8, but if Jerreau is out, that’s gonna be a big loss to overcome.

Agreed but there is a lot of depth on the bench. Mark and Shead will have to step up big time if Deeky can’t play.

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Have there been any updates on him?

A few, they haven’t ruled him and it pretty much said it just depends how he feels tomorrow evening. He has a hip pointer, if I had to guess he doesn’t play.