Blue Jays vs Hopeless at Home, 4/3/24

Singleton. Ugh.

Pena! A two run pop. 7-0 Astros.

Put Singleton into the lineup and everything else just slots perfectly into place.


Altuve gets some! 8-0 Astros.

Yordan regressing

Tidy combined one-hitter.

I’m not sure 97 pitches in 5 innings & 7 walks in 9 innings qualifies as “tidy”.

If Hader doesn’t throw a cement mixer to Schneider with two outs in the ninth inning last night, the Astros could have swept this series. Baby steps.


“How Yordan Got His Groove Back”

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The math checks out.

For all the bed shitting, the Astros pitching have given up three runs in the last 31 innings. Of course, they’ve lost two games during that stretch…

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And that one hit was little soft liner off the fists on a pitch down and in. But that game was anything but “tidy”.