Blue Jays vs Hopeless at Home, 4/3/24

Please don’t squander another inning.

Chas with an RBi knock!

Continue not squandering please!

Still on the corners for Peña…


Peña with a hit!

It’s 4-0!

Dubon flies out F8…two on, two out for Altuve…

Still a chance for Altuve to make some magic happen here…

Altuve hacks out. But the Astros double their run total, lead 4-0


Did we just string together… hits?

Astros have 9 LOB through five innings.

It’s almost like a recipe for runs.

Martinez in

Pure sorcery

But it’s getting my bedtime.

Nice quick 1-2-3 inning from Martinez

Yordan blasted another one.

A hot Yordan is a welcome site

Yordan has a joyous reunion with his groove.