Blue Jays vs Hopeless at Home, 4/3/24

2b Altuve
DH Alvarez
RF Tucker
3b Bregman
C Diaz
1b Singleton
LF McCormick
SS Pena
CF Dubon

P Javier

If you thought Dusty’s departure would be the end of nonsensical lineups, I give you: Jon Singleton batting 6th.

When I win that lottery tonight and buy the team, the lineup will change.

It’s like he never left.

Isn’t it obvious that all he needs to get it going are more at-bats higher in the lineup?

“I will be moving Obisanya back to defense, where he belongs.”

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I’m on board with Espada resting Abreu a couple times a week early in the season to keep his back healthy. And with Singleton on the roster I guess that’s who Espada should start in his place. But good gracious, he oughta be batting ninth and a half.

Singleton must have compromising photos of Dana Brown and Joe Espada. He has no business being in the big leagues, much less batting sixth ahead of McCormick, Peña and Dubón.

It was a nice comeback story last season, but he’s just not good enough.

I’m not on board with starting Singleton, ever. Mauricio Dubon was getting reps at 1B last season. I’d play him over Singleton if I wanted to give Abreu a day off. Or better yet, call up Joey Loperfido. The Astros’ offense could use a shot in the arm, anyway.

They’ve scored 12 runs total in their five losses.

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Hey at least we’ll have Abreu available to pinch hit late in the game if we need him.

Wine tonight: Chateau Bonnet Entre-Deux-Mers. The Oregon shit wasn’t working.

Just fucking win

Javier starts it off with a strikeout of Springer

1-2-3 first for Javier

Yordan with a 1-out single

Tucker with a single. Two on for Bregman…

And Bregman pops up.

Bregman has no business batting cleanup. None.

Up to Diaz…

Maybe popup Bregman can be extracted and sent off to free agency while run producing Bregman sticks around.

Diaz singles to load the bases for Singleton…