BJs @ Astros, April 2, 2024

They desperately need Yordan to get back to being a force at the plate. And the back end of the bullpen to do their jobs.

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This was pretty enjoyable until it really, really wasn’t. I love a good 1-0 duel.

How was your date? She’s a great kisser. Everything was going swell until she showed me her dick.


I love a good 1-0 game too. Every gaff as the game drew on though, I thought “teams don’t win 1-0 games like this”. When Hader gave up the bomb, I barely flinched.

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Donut Truck

I would have preferred the Astros to get the runners home from 3rd with less than two outs in both the seventh and eighth innings so they had some margin for error in the ninth. No excuse to fail at that twice.

They scored 10 last night, you had to know they’d be lucky to score at all tonight

It is unbelievable to me that happened to Hader.

4th game in 6 days, that’s a lot of work this early in the season

This team sucks dick, and it’s pretty obvious how awful they are.

Based on last night’s game, this team doesn’t seem too interested in even sucking dick.

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I think that if I want to see someone have their head handed to them tonight, I’ll watch Shogun.


Other than the no-hit game, where one run would have been firm enough for victory, their bats are as flaccid as overcooked rigatoni.

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