BJs @ Astros, April 2, 2024

Keep the line moving!

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Tonight I’m drinking Samuel Robert Pinot Noir. Also from Oregon.

Diaz gets the night off because…well, he wore himself out trotting around the bases last night, I guess.

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I’ve about had it with Peña’s lob throws

Uhh, Jeremy, you may want to be a little more chalant.

No no-hitter for Framber tonight.

Framber gives up a single and a double, but Bichette thrown out 7-5-2 at the plate.

No score.

The defense bailed Framber out there.

Astros down on 6 pitches. No score after one.

Framber has the curve working for him tonight.

I guess Diaz only gets half a night off. DH tonight.

No score after two

Just got home from the winery. Looks I have lot missed anything other than a fairly uninspired by Abreu.

Leadoff HBP for IKF

Erased by the 4-6-3

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Framber getting a lot of ground balls, so far.

The winery may be short a bottle.

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Only one bottle?

He got your message about the chalance.