Best World Series gear/memorabilia?

So besides the obvious stuff (official tshirt, hat, jersey, etc.) – what’s the best World Series champs gear/memorabilia you’ve seen out there?

I’m adding the Yordan blue jersey/trophy bobblehead to my collection:

This double pennant shirt is pretty sweet, too. Wish there was more merchandise that celebrated the full run of success, beyond just 2022:


Oh, that shirt is awesome.

Nice find!

BreakingT has some great stuff.

Let’s hope it becomes outdated real soon.

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I love the Let’s Go shirts

And the Space City Champions one

In 2017, George Springer did that thumbs-up thing when he got a hit. Someone made a shirt with his thumb-up on it. I bought it on sight. The Astros won the World Series. Springer was named World Series MVP.

In 2022, Jeremy Peña made that heart-hands gesture when he got a hit. Someone made a shirt with his heart hands on it. I bought it on sight. The Astros won the World Series. Peña was named World Series MVP.

The superstitious part of me desperately hopes that an Astro does another hand gesture thing next season that makes for a good t-shirt.


Speaking of t-shirts and hand gestures i would definitely buy one showing this…



I bought the Springer thumbs up while riding the victory high in ‘17, I still wear it all the time (and made it my avi here for exactly that reason).


Got the first of my new Champions gear in the mail today!


My copy of this arrived today. It’s fantastic.

Got my locker room hat today. All the other gear I maxed out my CC on is still “processing.” Wish I could just walk up to Academy and grab all the stuff I wanted but unfortunately, they’re not stocking much Astros WS Champs gear here in FL.

These hats for hubby came last week


On the fence about this one.

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Mine, too! Super cool. I was 102/500. Gonna get it framed and on the wall!

That would look real good on someone walking on a concourse at LAX.

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I could see a pilot walking down the concourse in his flight uni and then ripping his shirt open Superman-style to reveal that t-shirt underneath.

I like where y’all’s heads are…

Had a filthadelphia fan make a comment yesterday in Austin and a TSA agent as well in LAX, so I know my Astros lanyard is effective as a nice middle finger to all the haters in the airports, especially the dojer whiners.

I just checked tracking, and my Astros swag (ordered from the MLB Shop the day after Game 6) is now due to arrive on November 29.