Beltran Interview

Prepare to be angrered (click the link to see jpgs of partial transcript):

/makes biggest dismissive wanking motion in the history of mankind

Gee, what a surprise that they’re getting this out in front of the letter tomorrow. It’s a stroke of tactical genius.



Executive summary of the Beltran interview…

I mean, what the actual fuck.

“I am the “taint” who tainted the WS win.”

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In the immortal words of Flavor Flav: “Don’t look at me Judge, I ain’t did nothin to nobody”

Hinch taking a baseball bat to the system twice wasn’t clear to you Carlos you dumbshit?

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Starting season 6 of living rent-free inside of their heads. Heck, they’re even hiring TV analysts to perpetuate the value of that investment. You can’t even buy this type of value.


He should know, being with the Red Sox.

He would have stopped if Luhnow had battered the monitors, or perhaps Julia Morales since she’s front office

Do not mock Julia’s power. Her wrath is terrible and beautiful.

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And then somebody pushed him out a window…


I don’t think it takes being pushed out a window. More like sneezed.

I think Spleen was referring to a Russian-style defenestration to keep him from saying anything else that might undermine Manfred’s narrative.


I will always approve of the use of the word “defenestration”


I agree, it’s one of my favorite words.

I thought defenestrations were a Czech thing.

I want to see a player from Prague rung up on a Czech swing.