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And Sacramento’s AAA team (assuming they still have one)…?

Well played.

Moving to Oakland!


Philadelphia, K.C., Oakland, Sacramento with Vegas to follow. Must be tough to be an A’s fan.

They are probably approaching 5000 wins in franchise history, though, so that’s something.

Practically speaking, I don’t know how they keep any staff worth having to run the team. Sacrament is not commuting distance from Oakland. And Vegas is even further away. Who would want to move from Oakland to Sacramento and again to Vegas in a 3 year period. Or, do that to their family?


You had me at “Who would want to move to Sacramento?” I’ve been there. Hard “no”.

No kidding. I did 5 years hard time in Fresno. The Valley is no bueno.

It’s no way to run a ball club. Rachel Phelps herself would be too ashamed.

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Not sure where else to put this, but we’re pretty happy we watched the game last night when they announced Verlander was pitching in Sugarland on Sunday. Bought tickets right away, 2 tickets, 7 rows behind the visitor dugout plus parking for the grand total of $50. Not a bad price to see Verlander from pretty close up, even if he is probably only pitching 2 or 3 innings. If you want tickets, type in CONSTELLATION for a promo code and you get 10 bucks off any seat not immediately behind home plate.
Space Cowboys games are a great value.

Shit, that barely gets you two outfield berm tickets in Round Rock these days.

To be fair, Sacramento is a HELLUVA lot better than it was ten years ago. Some really great restaurants and cool watering holes. I wouldn’t want to live there necessarily, but it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be.

ETA - and it’s super close to Tahoe.

I just ran into Derrick Bell. As I passed him, I said hi there Mr. Bell and he turned and smiled at me. I would’ve chatted him up, but he was standing at the gate hearing that his flight was going to be delayed until tomorrow and was not a happy man. I figured I would not be that geek…. Man, he’s tall. Taller than me and I’m 6’3”. Unfortunately, he was wearing a Sox hat.


Travel plans, shut down.


Ah, Sacremento.

Well, how else was the thief going to cover up his identity??


I totally forgot about that. If I would’ve remembered, I would have said “hey, operation shut down“ instead of “, Mr. Bell“

You could have asked him why he wasn’t traveling by yacht.

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