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Pretty sure I have read/heard that Ohtani does actually speak english with teammates, just uses the translator with the media

He’s making efforts, but they’ve been deferred for 10 years.


That’s pretty common for Japanese stars. Ichiro did it his whole career, iirc.

Yeah, from I’ve heard, his English is quite good. They just want to use the interpreter when the microphone is in front of him. Kind of like Yordan…his is pretty functional, if not good as well, but the Astros don’t want him having to answer public questions in anything but his native tongue.

For anyone that lives in a country with a different language it makes sense. I can speak Korean alright but I pick my battles. Sometimes things are too delicate to use Korean, sometimes things are so delicate I need to use Korean. Everyday interactions are no problem but when I’m doing important shit I’m gonna need a translator.


Luckily we did get some Ichiro interviews in english. The classic one where he said his favorite american saying was “it’s as hot as two rats fucking in a wool sock”


It makes all the sense in the world to use one for sure. I would do the same thing.

Well…it was.

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I hope you are not talking about a wool sock.


You can just feel it, can’t you? Everything’s leading back to the Astros, specifically Altuve.


When we learn bets were made on MLB, I’m certain Manfred will look past the money and do the moral thing.

Y! has a very good timeline of the story, which includes that the story only broke from Ohtani’s side when ESPN said they were going to publish it, that a likely lie by Ohtani that someone could take $4.5M from his bank account without him knowing it, and that nobody in California (including the FBI) is investigating any of this despite multiple crimes ‘proven’/‘admitted.’ (The weaponization of the U.S. Justice Department is complete- none of you obsequious cocksuckers should call yourselves “patriots”):


If you’ve met one kid with autism, you’ve met one kid with autism.


The only successful strategy for catching a knuckleball is to wait until it stops rolling and pick it up.

I remember when Phil Neikro was traded and Alan Ashby took his oversized catcher’s mitts and burned them on the clubhouse floor.

The A’s won’t have a stadium in Vegas until 2028 (at the earliest), but 2024 will be the their last season in Oakland. They’ve announced they’ll be playing their home games in Sacramento’s AAA stadium from 2025-27.

Sacramento’s 14,000-seat stadium. I know the A’s crowds have been bad, but… wow.

At least they’ll live like Kings.

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