Baseball games not involving the Astros

We really should have a separate thread so as to not clutter up the other ones.

To start things off, I offer this, fuck the Rangers.


Rainjizz lead 1-0 after 2.5.

Defense has been the story so far, both good and bad.

OMG, this strangers radio broadcast. The Blue Jays/twins game can’t start fast enough.

I think Heim was gonna be toast there at the plate, but that was a curious non-send with 2outs

I have to root hard against the Brewers winning the NL pennant… forever. I want the Astros the be the only team to have the honor of winning a pennant in both leagues.


Siri should have caught that but he didn’t get a good early read.

You can’t get the Rays’ radio?

This is some horrible defense by Tampa

Glasnow looks gassed.

Getting out of that with only 1 run is massive. Just gotta keep it tight and get to the Rangers pen by any means necessary

I can and I switched over. I just automatically started with the Rangers broadcast thinking they may exhibit some more Astros relevance or chatter about the race. Not a word about the Astros.

We are not men we are Devo

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Siri is playing like crap.

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Same. I like pointing out that the Astros are the most successful team in MLB history (the only one to win both leagues and the world series).

Royce Lewis is amazing

Ok, the guy riding the dugout rail like a horse and whipping his towel like he’s on the home stretch should definitely be a meme.

Rays can’t muster a single run vs the Rangers

Big time play by Correa


Bo Bichette what the hell are you doing?

Jeremy Pena 2023

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