Baseball games not involving the Astros

When was the last time the Twins won a Postseason game?


ETA: today


Johan Santana was the winning pitcher the last time before today. Johan hasn’t played baseball since 2012 and hasn’t been a Twin since 2007. The Twins have made the postseason 6 times(not including this year) since they last won a game.

Rays attendance a whopping 19,704

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That’s just sad.

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I don’t see how building a notionally better stadium in the exact same location is going to improve anything.


It’ll be shiny

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He’s finally showing the potential that made him the number 1 pick in the 2017 draft. I’m glad he finally stayed healthy enough this season to shine.

Smallest non-COVID postseason crowd since 1919

And, correct me if I’m wrong, but @Ty_in_Tampa said they are building the new ballpark in a suboptimal location.

The new stadium will be better for the game of baseball by virture of it not being The Trop.

My understanding is that they are going to do something similar to what the Met, Yankee, and Cardinal have done and build the stadium up against the current one and then tear down the old one when the new one is ready. Then develop the area of the old stadium.

It’s still a suboptimal location. They seem to not care.

Pfaaadddt is struggling in the 2nd.

Snapped an 18 game, 19 year losing steak.

I believe it was 0-19 before today

Back-to back D-back jacks tie the game.

Arizona gets to Burnes for back-to-back jacks. Tie game.

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Fish escape 2nd and 3rd with nobody out in the first.

If he can stay healthy, and he’s had issues with that so far a la Buxton, he’s a freakin’ superstar.