Baseball games involving the Astros

Game times have been set for the first two of the MIN series. They got a prime time game!

Saturday, Oct 7 - 4:45 PM ET

Sunday, Oct 8 - 8:03 PM ET

I got the same notice about the American League Division Series by Presented by!

Also back to the day game on Tuesday in Minnesota…3:07 CDT

Neris will not be suspended:


Fine with me.

That’s noble of you but I think Neris can afford it



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The Athletic’s division predictions, with Houston holding the narrowest margin at 55-44 edge. Their prior history is the biggest plus, as the staff considers Minnesota as peaking at the right time

Thanks for sharing. That said, who fucking cares what talking heads think. It’s time for the Astros to channel their playoff experiences and DNA from the previous six years and kick some ass on their way to, hopefully, another World Series title.

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That’s the plan. The team has had mercurial performances without a sustained trend.

No matter how many postseason games and wins, the Astros get. I still get a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach every year just before the postseason starts. You just never know if this might be the last one for a while. I try, often failing, to tell myself to enjoy this. Take it all in. What this team has done over the last 7 years is special, rarely, and arguably never, done before in this expanded postseason format. That nervous feeling goes away with first pitch, replaced by a feeling of anticipation and impending doom. I love this stupid sport, I love the stupid postseason, I love this fucking team of heroes, who have brought me so much joy. I can’t wait for the postseason journey to begin, however long it may last. The postseason is here. Go Stros let’s fucking win another one!


Even after this seven-year run by the Astros, I still live and die with every pitch in the postseason, especially when they are in precarious situations. I was already doing that in the nail biters on Friday and Saturday in Arizona when their playoff fate was in the balance.


If you’re not doing this, you’re doing being a fan wrong.


Just your post gave me a nervous feeling.

This is a pretty, pretty, pretty great sports weekend, and I’m nervous as hell about 3 of the 4 games I care about. Texans don’t merit nerves yet.


I told myself in 2017 that it was all good. That no matter what happens from here to eternity, it’s all good, I’m not gonna sweat it. I said the same thing last year. And here I am, still sweating.

Of course, when the Texans beat the Cowboys in their first game I franchise history, I thought that was as good as it ever will get as a Texans fan. And I think I’m right. I don’t think even winning a Super Bowl will eclipse the feeling from seeing Jerry Jones weeping on the field when the final whistle of that game sounded.

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They never will- they’re not the Oilers.

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Get that shit out of this thread

I’m gonna need @MarkR to provide an evaluation of this crew.


Other than Bill Miller I’ve never heard of the others. Good or bad?

That’s not the worst crew you could get for a DS.

No super fuckups. Visconti is probably the best overall balls and strikes umpire in the group, he’s been Top 5 this season overall. They all fall in the top half for accuracy roughly. Most of these guys are not household names, which is usually a good sign like Lefty said.

My lord, that Dodgers/D-Backs crew… Carapazza AND Tichenor. WOOF.