Awards Season 2022

Not the first piece of hardware he’ll be receiving this month but JV named AL Comeback POTY.

This is the MLBPA version of the award.

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Well deserved.

Incredible season without the comeback angle.

Ludicrous with it.


He actually won two separate awards:
AL Pitcher of the Year and AL Comeback Player of the Year:

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JV a finalist for Cy with Cease and Manoah
Yordan a finalist for MVP with Judge and Ohtani
Peña did not make the final 3 for ROY

“What? I can’t hear you. My ears are still ringing from the fireworks.”

  • J. Peña

Reminds me of Will Ferrell before the 2006 Rose Bowl.

“What? What’d you say? I can’t hear you. I have an MVP trophy in my ear.”

“I still can’t hear you. Seems I have an MVP trophy in the other ear as well.”


Altuve’s 6th Silver Slugger award (and 1st since 2018)…

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Altuve’s OPS of .921 good for 4th on that list behind

  1. Judge 1.111
  2. Alvarez 1.019
  3. Trout .999

Yordan hit .306.

What a completely ridiculous hitter. He’s like 12 year old me was granted a wish by a genie.


You know when it is all said and done, this year, Jose Altuve had a real good year. When he was good, he was very very good, but when he was bad, he was horrid.

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It was his best offensive year since 2017. Defensively, not so much.

Verlander officially wins CY young with all 30 first place votes


Pay the man!

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Wasting your breath. We ain’t paying him $40+ million and shouldn’t.

Don’t pay the man!

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I think I would pay him $40 million AAV. I definitely wouldn’t give him a 3-year deal.

Why not? It’s not your money. If he’s entitled to market price, they should pay the price to retain his services. It’s not like that would be the difference to the Astros being a profitable enterprise, much less an appreciating investment, for Crane.

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I was not talking about me. I will rephrase: Crane is not going to pay him $40+ million. There you go again representing the union.

My purely speculative opinion is that Crane is telling Verlander to go see what the market is like and then they’ll talk about a competitive offer.

2-75 with a 3rd at 40 with club option-slash-buyout whatever. Sign or walk.

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I like that thought!