Awards Season 2022

That’s how I interpreted his comments. Good approach given the trust they seem to have in each other.

In his absence, all other position issues have impeding financial considerations removed. Hunter Brown is ready for a regular rotation spot.

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AL MVP results:

  1. Judge
  2. Ohtani
  3. Yordan
  4. Jose Ramirez
  5. Altuve

I had no idea altuve was in the running

He had a damn good year, his offensive numbers were close to his mvp season


That’s a really impressive showing for the Astros.

Think, if you will, how many Astros have been in the top 5 voting for MVP, ROY, Gold Glove and Cy Young in the last 10 years. Just incredible.


13 and 18 are the only years an Astro hasn’t been top 5

13, 14 and 20 for MVP

CY Young is the one the Astros have the least top 5’s with 15, 18, 19 and 22 being the “only” years of a top 5 finishes

Pay the man!