Astros @ Yankees, 8/5/2023

Kessinger in at 1B today. I hope José Abreu is not hurt and this is just a rest day.

Gotta be a rest day but for fucks sake if Abreu is getting a day off start Diaz at first


I’m doing my best to stick with Dusty but couldn’t agree more. I’m am pissed every time I see the lineup card and Diaz is not in it.


By the same person or whoever is nearest at the time?

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Fixed it. Thanks lol.

Today’s lineup is suboptimal. With a fly ball pitcher on the mound, why isn’t Meyers or McComick in center? Admittedly, the outfield in that stadium isn’t large like Oakland or AZ, but I still don’t like it.

Dubon always plays CF when JV pitches. Don’t ask me why.

For what it’s worth Dubon says CF is his best position.

Maybe all the servants in his new hotel throw their roses at his feet.

Me too, but Yainer has always struggled against LHP through his career, so I’d rather he get his off days against them than RHP. But, barring injury of course, maybe he and Abreu shouldn’t be sitting on the same day.

When Dusty makes out one of his peculiar lineup cards, I try to remember that the team is right slap in the middle of the pennant race despite having lost two starting pitchers for the entire year, another for 2/3 of the year or more and two MVP quality position players for large portions of the season.

Dusty’s task much of this season:

Here are 7 pieces.

3 of which are currently performing well.

Now fill out your 9 player lineup.

Hah, that’s a great way to put it.

… leaving out at least two of the three.

That and he lead our team to its second championship last season. All of the above are why I’m trying to stick with him, but he doesn’t make it easy!

He’s never gonna have a chance to get better at facing lefties if he never gets to face a lefty. He’s the everyday catcher next year, he needs to start seeing lefties at least some times.

Well Jeremy.

You didn’t gidp so there’s that.

Peña in the 2 hole angers me…

Kyle followed JPs lead.

Is the color kind of wonky on anyone else’s broadcast?