Astros @ Yankees, 8/5/2023

Pretty saturated

I’m not seeing any onscreen graphics either…just me?

Graphics are normal on my feed

Sit down and STFU, meat

Huh, I’m at my buddy’s house and we may be watching on some renegade streaming site, it’s the feed though.


It may be a pre-ATT feed, i.e. raw before the RSN applies its graphics.

Oh good.

Angel will be behind the plate tmw.

2 2-out walks.

Squeezed on ball 4 on the second one but it was 3-0.

So JV’s hand is bleeding. Awesome.

Hopefully he can get out of this and get it closed up between innings


Good call Angel.

You’re the best.


Looks like the back of his knuckles are busted. Bleeding pretty good from his pitching hand.

I have never said anything bad about Angel Hernandez in my life.

Yordan should stop chasing pitches at his throat.

Our start swinging a tennis racquet.

A ball in play.

We can build on this.

48 hopper gets past Bregman.

Oral Fixation smoked that FB.

Single, double…nobody out for the Yankees

Not auspicious