Astros @ White Sox, July 16, 2021


2B Jose Altuve R
LF M. Brantley L
1B Yuli Gurriel R
DH Y. Alvarez L
SS C. Correa R
RF Kyle Tucker L
3B Abraham Toro S
CF Myles Straw R
C M. Maldonado R

SP Lance McCullers R

White Sox

SS Tim Anderson R
3B Yoan Moncada S
1B Jose Abreu R
RF B. Goodwin L
LF A. Vaughn R
2B Leury Garcia S
CF Adam Engel R
DH Gavin Sheets L
C Zack Collins L

SP Dylan Cease R

I hope your ingrown toenail is better and you’re ready for the 2nd half. I needed the break too, but have very much missed baseball over the past few days.


Yep having 4 days with no baseball, I mean not even a single game taking place for 4 days is dreadful. Ready for it’s return. Let’s fucking play ball!


I don’t know about you guys, but I watched The Sandlot last night. That was thoroughly enjoyable.


I had thought about watching the Yankees/Red Sox yesterday. I’m glad it was canceled, just to protect me from myself.


You might still be watching if it wasn’t canceled

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I hope Brantley is ready to give us a full half-season.

Big curveball there.

Pointed out on the broadcast, Cease is a completely different pitcher at home vs the road, and not in a good way.

2 pitches, 5 bases, 1 run. I may be checking out Ted Lasso tonight.

Disaster averted, for the inning and on the last out.

I’m surprised Altuve wasn’t in the mix.

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This is always a good idea

Looking at the crowd, I didn’t know there were that many White Sox fans.

Cubs fans have to have somewhere to go and get drunk when the Cubs are awful…

Also, Bagwell just said “Oh, god.” in relation to a filthy McCullers slider.

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And now it’s pouring and Lance is struggling to find the zone suddenly.

And Bagwell appreciates the rain for his plants at home.

This ump is checking for swings on everything. There must have been a memo.

ETA: except then he didn’t.

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Where’s @das when we need him?

I’m sure Dusty talked to the league office last weekend, and the crew before the game.