Astros @ White Sox, July 16, 2021

He probably went in and yelled at them, just to see how it felt.

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Bags is in rare form on the broadcast.


I’d hate for that to be the only hit of the evening.

Julia tweeted that he’s even funnier in the commercial breaks. I bet.


My lord, these White Sox uniforms are fucking hideous.

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I’m ok with it too.

McCullers had better shut them down this inning.

Sox with the giveaways that inning: 2 out walk to Maldy and a defensive screwup = 2 out rally

Motherfucking Christ it drives me INSANE when McCullers nibbles.

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I do not like the black uniforms.

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The all-black plus pinstripes ruin them (same with Vanderbilt). The font on Southside works well with their logo.

Thus endeth my fashion critique.

I’m not sure it’s by choice a whole lot of the time.


Bagwell resents Brantley’s swing because it’s too perfect. Love it.


Free tip for Astros’ hitters: Cease likes his curveball.

I love that Bagwell has no clue he wasn’t working tomorrow.

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Ump’s been pretty good, but he just hosed Straw on that inside strike

I have mixed reactions to Tony LaRussa: I despise him and feel like I want to wretch.

what a great reaction to the ump’s call by Bagwell.

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Doug Eddings